Happy Valley Reservoir — 13 March 2023

Calm water at Happy Valley Reservoir

Three paddlers joined Jo for her Sunday Peer Paddle at Happy Valley Reservoir this morning, taking advantage of a perfect paddling day. Water looked like glass when we arrived, with several fishers preparing for a day on the water, hoping to catch a Murray Cod or Callop.
How different the car park was since last paddle, plenty of parking available when we arrived and the coffee van getting prepared for a busy day. Just as well, as cars loaded with Sit Ons and Blow Up kayaks soon started to arrive. Happy Valley is perfect for a training paddle, with the option of multiple circuits around the 4km perimeter. This a great location for novice kayakers building up their kayaking fitness, but also for experienced paddlers just wanting to get back on water.

Getting out of the water in Happy Valley Reservoir

We completed two circuits, distance 7.4km in just under two hours. A great easy way to start the day, with the reward of that cup of coffee on completion. Even used the kayak launch system this time, worked very well and more gentle on the kayaks. Happy Valley is turning out to be a very pleasant Sunday paddle, so come along and join the next paddle.