Members Handbook

Adelaide Canoe Club is a member of Paddle SA (the State body) and Paddle Australia (the national governing body). The platform JustGo is the system used by these organisations to administer Club, State and National memberships as well as events.

Your credentials for the JustGo platform are required to keep your personal information up to date, sign up for courses and Club, State and National events, and renew your membership. Make sure you keep this information handy to be used regularly.


  • URL for ACC events: this URL will show you an updated list of any ACC events along with a booking link – we suggest creating a Contact called ‘ACC Events’ in your phone or email Contacts book and save the URL there:
  • OR you can also access a Google calendar version (you can also add it to your own Google calendar App)
  • In our Member-Only Facebook page you can find out about paddles with other members:

We will send a reminder email prior to your membership expiring, so please keep your personal contact information up to date.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have questions regarding your membership, have any other paddling related questions or experience any problems with the Paddle Australia Membership and Events Portal.

Aims and objectives

The aim and objectives of the club are:

  • To encourage members to explore and enjoy our unique waterways
  • To promote the participation and enjoyment of the club activities.
  • To offer preparation and training for the various programs
  • To promote the health and fitness of our members

Training session details

The club organises regular training sessions that include a pre-determined set of activities and exercises adapted to the current skills of the attendees. Club members are encouraged to attend these sessions and gradually acquire the skills to attend the events in the various club programs.

Contact information

The communication with the club can be done through the committee members or sending an email to the address

Membership categories and fees

  • Full Senior: Persons over 18 as of 1st July in the year of the membership who reside in SA.
  • Full Junior U18: Persons aged under 18 years old as of 1st July in the year of membership who resides in SA.
  • Family Membership: Adults and Children/Full time students U25 that reside at the same residence. It may be made up of combinations such as: 2 adults (parents) and any number of children/Full time students U25, or 1 adult (parent) and any number of children/Full Time students U25
  • Second Club: Defined as someone who has already joined a club in their State and then joins another Club in the same State.
  • Life Member: A member that has had a life membership conferred on them (according to the Constitution).

See the page How to Join for more details about the elements included in each of the memberships.

Codes of conduct?

As a member organisation and affiliated to Paddle SA and Paddle Australia (PA), ACC adopts the PA Behaviour Policy and Disciplinary Bylaw and applies the contents to its members as if ACC was Paddle Australia.

PA Behaviour Policy

Paddle Australia Disciplinary Bylaw

Calendar of events

All events organised by the club are published in its calendar. This calendar is updated regularly throughout the year. Whenever a new event is created, there is a post in our Facebook Page with the details and the link to register.

Would you like to help run the club?

If you would like to help with the various tasks and processes around the club, make sure you let us know by sending an email to A club like this one requires expertise in a variety of areas such as accounting, marketing, social media, dissemination, etc. Tell us what your skills are, and we will make sure we match them with the relevant elements of our processes.