Sea Kayaking

By Phil Doddridge (Paddle Australia Sea Instructor and Assessor)

South Australia has a very diverse coastline that provides safe challenges for all levels of paddler experience. Adelaide Canoe Club offers experiences for all paddlers who want to explore the sea from short fun and fitness sessions along the metropolitan coast to multi-day expeditions in remote areas as well as training in skills, rescues, rolling and equipment selection.

Dolphins next to Kayak in Seacliff

Adelaide Canoe Club members have explored much of the South Australian coast.

The Fleurieu Coast from Adelaide to Rapid Bay provides magnificent and readily accessible paddling. We are fortunate to have such a sheltered coastline at our doorstep. White sandy beaches, stunning cliff lines and sea caves all wait to be explored.

More remote calm water paddling can be found at Coffin Bay a wilderness area providing sensational paddling. The Peninsula forming the bay has a profusion of wildlife and the many inlets of the bay provide some of the best fishing in the state. Encounters with dolphins and seals are common. The local oysters are a treat fresh from the farm!

Sailing in the Coorong

Kayak with a sail in the Coorong with the dunes in the background

The Coorong lies adjacent to the mouth of the River Murray in the southeast of the state. The Coorong consists of a salt-water lagoon some 100 kilometres long separated from the fury of the Southern Ocean by the Younghusband Peninsula. The area is a haven for over 200 species of birds. This area provides excellent sheltered paddling, spectacular scenery, and some great camping spots. ACC groups visit this area several times a year.

Other frequented locations include the Innes National Park on the southwestern tip of Yorke Peninsula which provides a mix of rugged exposed coast, offshore islands, and sheltered bays. Victor Harbor which has several islands home to seals, dolphins, and whales. The north coast of Kangaroo Island has many sheltered bays and stunning camping sites with spectacular ocean views.

Sails up in Rapid Bay

The adventurous sea kayaker will enjoy the wild and remote areas such as West Coast, Eyre Peninsula, Yorke Peninsula, and the south coast of Kangaroo Island. These stunning locations are characterised by high limestone cliffs and unspoilt white sand beaches, sand-hills with low coastal scrub and the ever-changing moods of the Great Southern Ocean.  There is an abundance of offshore islands that have been explored by sea kayakers. Those who have ventured to these parts have been suitably rewarded with adventures of magnificent proportions.

ACC runs regular training days and has several accredited Sea Instructors and Leaders. The Kayak Rolling and Rescue sessions are very popular as are the Rough Water and Surf Management training sessions.  Workshops on sea kayak selection and customisation, navigation, VHF radio and communications and equipment for sea kayak expeditions are also popular.

Sea kayaking provides great challenges and tremendous rewards for those seeking true adventure!