Basic Skills Certificate Garden Island — 16 January 2022

Great day at Garden Island on Sunday 16/January/2022 for Basic Skills training provided by Anne and Simon. We had ten (10) members attending with five (5) being new members.  Many thanks to Anne and Simon for offering and conducting a great training day.

Five members of Adelaide Canoe Club achieved their Basic Skills certificate. They demonstrated good paddling strokes, doing a rescue as both ‘swimmer’ and ‘rescuer’ and showing they can swim in their full paddling gear. Well done to Liz, Esther, Kaye, Stephen, and Ron. Simon and Anne led the instruction, assisted throughout the day by Courtney, Lisa and Mark, especially when we teamed up for the rescues in the afternoon. It might have bemused the onlookers seeing a paddling group with 3 or 4 capsizes at the same time. It was a good opportunity to practice rescues.

The day finished with a gentle paddle up one of the mangrove creeks, enjoying the beauty, peace and quiet.