Myponga Beach — 12 May 2024

Charlie, Mark   B, Abelardo, Mark L and Warwick joined Anne and Simon for a paddle. We launched at Myponga Beach and headied south towards Carrickalinga. The sea conditions were perfect – clear water to observe the variety of sea weeds, virtually no wind and flat seas. We had a casual paddle along the rocky cliffs with Charlie leading some rock gardening along the way. There were a few new scratches seen on his boat as he loaded it back onto his car. That must have been from the time he was left high and dry as the very slight swell retreated. Conditions were so calm that we all ventured into caves. Some big enough to turn around in and others very tight, narrow and funnelling the swell to surge your kayak in or out of the gap.

We spotted a couple of dolphins and about three seals that seemed to be following us at a small distance. Each time the seals surfaced they looked as if they were checking on us.

The sea was so calm and clear that we could see into the water to the patchwork of sea weeds below.

We had lunch on a small beach just north of Carrickalinga before returning to Myponga Beach.







Distance: 13.54 Km