Garden Island Mangroves — 7 February 2022

Entering Garden Island Mangroves

Frances, Linda and Peter C joined Anne and Simon at Garden Island today. If only the wind had read the BOM weather forecast and did as predicted!

Garden Island Mangroves

Instead it was blowing at well over 16 knots and then gusted even stronger as we prepared our boats for launch. We avoided the open water and explored up the two small creeks to the west of the boat ramp instead. The tide was very high so the creeks were topping their banks as we paddled up. We kept an eye on the tide to make sure we would have enough water to get back over the submerged branches. Back at the boat ramp, Linda took one of the Delta kayaks out to see the difference between it and her sit-on-top. While paddling out from the boat ramp a dolphin came quite close to her; the perfect finish to a pleasant day’s paddle.