Training rolling

Advanced Rolling Session, Westminster Swimming Pool — 12 July 2022

Check in at Westminster

Preparing the rollGreat rolling session at Westminster School last night for our Advanced Rollers. Fourteen (14) rollers were on water practicing their skills –  Simon Langsford, Hugh Stewart, Charlie Walker, Andrew Adams, Tony Wallace, Scott Zrna, Gianni Caso, Clark Ernst, Anthony Aardenburg, David Adams, Abelardo Pardo, Leigh Aardenburg, Hugh Macmillan and Reg Brown.

Phil called in sick, so Mark did the briefing and outlined the rules to ensure we protected the pool perimeter and adjacent lanes. Big welcome to new Club members Reg Brown, Clark Ernst and Terry Holder and special thanks to Gianni for encouraging them to join ACC. Terry has booked for Beginner sessions but took advantage of coming along to see what the sessions where all about. Was also good to catch up with Benita Rosario supporting Gianni and taking photos of the Freestyle kayaks.

All arrived at 6.30pm and lucky to get on water before our scheduled 7pm kick-off. We started with three (3) lanes but ended up being offered another lane after most of the swimmers finished their session at 7.30pm. All paddlers had previously achieved a roll, either going back to summer or more regularly for our Polo Players. Most worked in pairs and everyone had plenty of on-water time with a good 2 hours playing.

Fun in the pool

Finishing the rollMost of the group were straight into their rolling, while others conducted warm-up exercises such as capsizing in Tuck Position and Balanced Brace.

It wasn’t long before all were achieving serious rolls, some on both sides and Leigh and a few others also tried out the Freestyle kayaks. I could see Euro blades and Greenland paddles being used as well as a few nibble hands!

The evening was very successful and there were plenty of smiling faces. Many Thanks to Westminster for access to the pool and to Phil Doddridge for making arrangements with Westminster and arranging kayaks for all participants.

Next training session

I look forward to the next Advanced Session on Tuesday 26th July followed by Beginner Sessions in August.

Mark Loram