Paddle your own. Introduction to paddling, kayaks, canoes and SOTs

By Peter Carter, Editor, Education and Safety Technical Committee PaddleSA

PDF book created by Peter Carter based on the flatwater resources for the Paddle Australia Qualification Scheme. It contains the foundation knowledge for paddling on waters described in the Award Scheme Handbook as “areas such as lakes, dams, slow moving rivers, etc.” In other words, waters without rapids of any grade, surf, effects of swell, tidal currents greater than 1 knot, distances greater than 400 metres from shore, and being in the entrance structure to an estuary or embayment.

There are sections about kayaks, canoes, rescues, tips on weather, finding your way, hazards and risks, boat maintenance, knots, and much more! Click on the image below to download the PDF document.

Bookcover of Paddle Your Own