Happy paddlers at Myponga Reservoir

Exploring Myponga Reservoir and Pizza at Smiling Samoyed — 3 December 2022

Quiet water in Myponga Reservoir

Quiet water in Myponga Reservoir

Judging by this paddle at Myponga Reservoir, summer has finally arrived and we couldn’t have asked for a better day. The Reservoir is looking stunning at the moment. Good growth of duckweed in the shallows and a dark colouration of the water due to the level of tannin in the water – providing an interesting contrast for photographs.

Paddlers were Julie Rohde, Kim Wooning, Mark Loram, Julie Keast, Matt Eldred, Berny Lohmann and Terry Holder. Well done to Julie Keast (“Keasty”) on giving up her Canoe Polo Bat and trying out a Sea Kayak – see you at Semaphore South paddles hopefully!

The 7 knot northerly wind put in a brief appearance but had minimal impact for most of our paddle. A few fishing kayaks out but generally pretty quiet – must be lots of people attending the VALO Adelaide 500.

On the water

Traversing the Myponga Reservoir

Traversing the Myponga Reservoir

We were on water by the civilised time of 10.00am. We set off for a leisurely paddle exploring the accessible boundaries of the Reservoir in a clockwise direction. Had our lunch stop just past the line of buoys looking up to South Road before getting back on water and making a beeline for the dam wall.

The buoys and underwater structure act as a containment barrier in case of a road tanker crash, isolating this part of the Reservoir from the main body of water.

Took the opportunity for a group photo while in sheltered waters – well done Julie for demonstrating good kayak balance. We even managed another pic at the dam wall.

After passing along the dam wall exclusion buoys we headed to the northern shoreline, taking the opportunity to explore some of the interesting little inlets. The smell of the pine forest was very noticeable and made us feel like were paddling in amongst the forest.

We were soon back at the boat ramp and rolled the kayak trollies back to the almost empty carpark.

Final Stop

Next stop was The Smiling Samoyed Brewery with plenty of time to enjoy our pre-ordered pizza – what a great way to finish off a paddle around Myponga Reservoir. Next Reservoir excursion will hopefully be Warren Reservoir up near the Barossa.

GPS Image

GPS Myponga Sat 3 Dec 2022