Exploring Myponga Reservoir 4 February 2022

Going around Myponga Reservoir

Seven Adelaide Canoe Club members spent the morning kayaking around the perimeter of Myponga Reservoir on Friday, a great day exploring this stunning part of South Australia which we then topped off by a visit to The Smiling Samoyed Brewery. A perfect opportunity for some of our new members to build on their kayaking experience with the club.

It was great to be back paddling Myponga Reservoir today – and on a Friday! Thought we might try some weekday paddles to see how they went, particularity with our recent influx of new members. Ended up being a great day on water and the Reservoir is looking stunning at the moment with a good growth of duckweed in the shallows providing an interesting contrast for photographs.

A nice sunny day, and wind wasn’t too bad at 11kn from ESE.  We managed to seek out the protected south easterly shoreline, at least until we headed down to the dam wall – no group photos in front of the wall this time!

Paddlers were Julie Rohde, Courtney Kirkwood, Lisa Kerley, Liz Graham, Kaye and Stephen Parnell and Mark Loram. This was a Myponga first for most of our paddlers and I think they went away impressed with the setting.

We almost had the Reservoir to ourselves, hardly a fishing kayak in sight. A very friendly SA Water Ranger came over for a chat just after I arrived and again at the end of the paddle. Very keen to learn about our experience and I picked up a couple of bits of information such as the deepest part of the Reservoir is around 42metres – wow!

Paddlers in Myponga

We were on water by the civilised time of 10.30am and set off for a leisurely paddle exploring the accessible boundaries of the Reservoir in a clockwise direction. Had our lunch stop just past the line of buoys looking up to South Road before getting back on water and making a beeline for the dam wall. How I wish I could use my sail! Another thing I found out from the Ranger is that the buoys and underwater structure act as a containment barrier in case of a road tanker crash, isolating this part of the Reservoir from the main body of water.

We kept well clear of the dam wall this time to avoid any chance of the wind pushing us onto the exclusion zone buoys, and headed to the northern shoreline. Bit more effort required paddling into the wind on our return, but all good experience for the group.

We were soon back at the boat ramp and rolled the kayak trollies back to the almost empty carpark.

Next stop was The Smiling Samoyed Brewery, no pre-ordered pizza this time but the home brew was a very filling alternative – what a great way to finish off a paddle around Myponga Reservoir.