How To Join

Happy paddlers!

If you are keen on paddling and want to participate in organised activities exploring our unique and beautiful waterways, learning or improving your paddling techniques or get into Canoe Polo please enquire about joining Adelaide Canoe Club. 

Firstly check out the comments of current members on our Testimonials Page.

Next send an email to with your details and we will contact you about joining the Club.   Membership allows you to:

  1. Enjoy the benefits of paddling as a relaxed low-impact exercise.
  2. You will become friends with the club members through the various activities
  3. Enjoy the ocean, rivers, lakes, and reservoirs in a unique way.
  4. Learn from scratch or improve your skills with the various training sessions
  5. Connect with a group of people sharing your passion for paddling and exploring our unique and beautiful waterways.


Adelaide Canoe Club membership gives you the opportunity to participate in Club events as detailed on our Calendar. Please use the links on the calendar to have a look at some of the activities. We have much to offer!

Adelaide Canoe Club is a member Paddle Australia and Paddle SA. This affiliation comes with many benefits without which we could not operate. As a member of ACC you also share in these benefits.  There is an annual membership fee. 

Membership fees includes a Club component, a Paddle SA component and a Paddle Australia component. You will notice that your total membership cost is split into three when you sign up. This is so you can see where each portion of your fee is going. 

Membership of Paddle Australia and Paddle SA gives important support for the Club, its leaders and members through provision of insurance including Public Liability, Personal Accident and Professional Indemnity. More detailed Insurance Information is given by Paddle Australia as well as details about the Paddle Protect paddle craft and equipment insurance.


The membership types are summarised below. For full membership details please go to Paddle Australia- Club Membership.


Membership for those wanting to try paddling before committing to a full membership.

  • Valid for 4 weeks.
  • Personal accident and public liability insurance coverage for each approved trial session you participate in for the duration of the Triallist Membership.
  • Once trial period expires Club membership options are available.
FULL SENIOR ($120/year)

Membership for paddlers over 18 allowing participation in Club events. 

FAMILY MEMBERSHIP (Discounted rate for family members)

This membership is for adults and children/full time students U25 that reside at the same residence. It may be made up of combinations such as:

  • 2 adults (parents) and any number of children/Full time students U25
  • 1 adult (parent) and any number of children/Full Time students U25
  • Family Membership may include blended families provided that all persons covered by the membership reside at the same residential address.
SECOND CLUB ($20/year)

A second club is for someone who has already joined a club in their State and then joins another Club in the same State. 


A life member is a member that has had a life membership conferred on them (according to the Constitution). Life Members have voting rights at all General Meetings in the Association.


Go to Paddle Australia-Becoming a Member. If you are a new member, use the ‘New Member – Sign Up’ option. If you are an existing member, login with your existing credentials and Renew your membership.