Advanced Rolling Session, Westminster Swimming Pool — 26 July 2022


Learning to roll

Another great rolling session at Westminster School last night for our second Advanced Rollers session. Eight (8) rollers were on water practicing their skills this session –  Phil Doddridge, Scott Zrna, Gianni Caso, Leigh Aardenburg, Matt Eldred, Abelardo Pardo, Reg Brown and Clark Ernst.

Mark and Terry on the bench taking photos in addition to dedicated partners watching the antics.

Again we had plenty of pool room, especially with a few less rollers this time. Very interesting to see how the Playboats perform in relation to the more traditional whitewater kayaks- all great entertainment from the sidelines.

All of the group achieved multiple rolls, both left and right side Greenland Rolls as well as others and lots of learning happening.

Freestyle kayaker

The evening was very successful and I could see plenty of smiling faces. Many Thanks to Westminster for access to the pool and to Phil Doddridge for making arrangements with Westminster and running the evening.


I look forward to the upcoming Beginner Session on Tuesday 9th August. There are still tickets remaining, give Phil a call if you are unsure about attending.

Action in the pool